Warning message: in file.rename() cannot rename plotly-htmlwidgets-css-2.5.1 because not encountered

So when I build my site I got this error here:

Warning message:
In file.rename(article_lib_dir, site_lib_dir) :
  cannot rename file './_site/posts/2021-12-24-an-analysis-of-the-effects-of-panel-markers-on-a-cross-sections-conveyance-curve/an-analysis-of-the-effects-of-panel-markers-on-a-cross-sections-conveyance-curve_files/plotly-htmlwidgets-css-2.5.1' to './_site/site_libs/plotly-htmlwidgets-css-2.5.1', reason 'El sistema no puede encontrar el archivo especificado'

I have looked and found several post similar to mine like: 1, 2 or 3. None of them provided with a clear solution other than update from dev and it should be solved.

Given that the post are from 1 or 2 years ago, and I am using the latest Distill stable version (1.5), whatever was in the dev version should be already in stable now. So I imagine it isn't that. How can I solve/remove this warning?

I managed to remove the warning. I did a content search for "plotly-htmlwidgets-css-2.5.1". This pointed to a couple of HTML files.

One of the HTML files was in _posts/date-postname/postname.html

I found this line:

<link href="an-analysis-of-the-effects-of-panel-markers-on-a-cross-sections-conveyance-curve_files/plotly-htmlwidgets-css-2.5.1/plotly-htmlwidgets.css" rel="stylesheet" />

I deleted the line, saved the html, and rebuild. The warning is gone.

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