distill doesn't rename .html files, directory not found

Related to this previous post, I am trying to rebuild my distill postcards website after minor changes and all of a sudden, I am getting a warning message that the htmls rendered from my Rmd cannot be renamed to the output directory because "no such file or directory".

The weird thing is that they have in fact been renamed there and when I view the htmls they are correct. Building the website still works, but only displays the index page without the nav bar.

I followed the advice in the related topic, to re-install distill using devtools, but the bug remains. Any advice?

I'm having issues uploading my html code for you to see, but see the warning message below. Hopeful it might be a simple bug fix someone has come across.


Does the _site directory exist in your working directory ?

Yes! And within the _site directory, the html files referenced in the error code update when I make changes and re-build the site.

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I just created a barebones site and then a postcard in a fresh directory, and everything works as expected. Try that and copy over a couple of your source files and rebuilt the barebones to see if it works? If so, then it maybe we have to get into any possible disconnect between user permissions.

Unfortunately, I am still having the same issue. Totally restarted everything from create_website() and anytime I try to add a postcard as a page, the renaming issue comes up.

When adding the postcard page as an additional page, the other non-postcard pages work just fine but when I click onto that page, the nav bar disappears and theme modifications disappear.

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I’ll need to take a closer look to see how to make a distill website and a postcard peaceably coexist.

Can you share a reproducible example ? a zip file or a github repo ?

Also, does this happens only with Postcard ?

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