sudo usage password

What's the admin password if I need to install some Linux dependencies through terminal?


Users are not allowed to install system dependencies on RStudio Cloud, you can explain here which ones you need and why, and RStudio people will evaluate if it makes sense for them to install them but this will take some time.

Also, if you give more detailed information, someone in the community might be able to give you an alternative solution.


Thanks for your reply.

I've no specific libraries in mind currently but I've tried installing the geospatial libraries like 'sf' and it works find.

Typically I face a lot of dependencies issues with geospatial libraries.


For security reasons RStudio shouldnt be able to admin (or root) priviledges. If you use a otherwise protected system you may add the RStudio user to the sudoers list.
By default most linux systems dont have root password (Not an empty password), but that actualy depends on linux install.

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