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For security reasons RStudio shouldnt be able to admin (or root) priviledges. If you use a otherwise protected system you may add the RStudio user to the sudoers list.
By default most linux systems dont have root password (Not an empty password), but that actualy depends on linux install.

By refer to above sggestion, try to set sudoer as below but somebody unlock it?

/cloud/project$ echo $USER
/cloud/project$ usermod -aG sudo rstudio-user
usermod: Permission denied.
usermod: cannot lock /etc/passwd; try again later.

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Tablet is more handly than laptop but there has no RStudio Dekstop for tablet, recommended RStudioCloud or RStudio Server on tablet.

Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, "sudo" access is not permitted on RStudio Cloud. See this post for more details: Whats the password for the terminal - #6 by andresrcs

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R and RStudio is astatisttical tools for statisticians but wonder why there has some obtacles:

  • There will be alot of restrictions and obstacles for all users without sudo
  • RStudio.Cloud not yet upgrade to be latest version 2021.9 and also Rversion 4.1.1 or 4.1.2
  • Packages.installation admin privilege error as below
  • Github push error as below
Warning in install.packages("BBmisc", dependencies = TRUE, INSTALL_opts = "--no-lock") :
  'lib = "/opt/R/4.1.0/lib/R/library"' is not writable
Error in install.packages("BBmisc", dependencies = TRUE, INSTALL_opts = "--no-lock") : 
  unable to install packages
/cloud/project$  git config --global ""
error: could not lock config file /home/rstudio-user/.gitconfig: No such file or directory

Setup own server is another option...

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