Rogue process "RStudio Help" freezes RStudio

Description of the problem
I ran a command in RStudio that printed a lot of output to the console window, which I didn't intend to do. After a few minutes, I clicked the stop sign logo to terminate the process, but it wouldn't stop, and I force quit RStudio. When I reopened it, it RStudio was frozen, and I was unable to enter anything in the console or even regular-quit out of the application. After reopening, I noticed in my Activity Monitor that RStudio was using around 120% of my computer's CPU.

Here's what I've done to troubleshoot:
I restarted my computer, and opened up RStudio: still frozen.
Next, I force quit and redownloaded RStudio. I was able to open a non-frozen session, and it seemed to work normally until I loaded my project, at which point it became frozen again.
Next, I tried to reset the RStudio state in my terminal window: mv ~/.local/share/rstudio ~/.local/share/rstudio-backup. This didn't work either, still frozen after force quitting and reopening.
Lastly, in my terminal window, I tried to kill the job, whose command name was "RStudio Help": kill -9 ####. This killed the process, but turned my RStudio window completely blank, and it remained frozen. The only thing I could do was force quit yet again, and reopen another frozen session. At this point I notice the rogue job has restarted, again taking up over 100% of my CPU, and now has a different four-digit PID when I run top in my terminal. It's still named "RStudio Help".

I don't believe the details of the R command itself are relevant because I've gotten it to run successfully on another machine, now that I've learned not to print its output to the console. The issue appears to be related to my project, which is integrated with one of my Github repositories (not sure if this is relevant).

Version information
I'm running RStudio (v 2022.12.0+353) with R (4.2.2) on a Macbook Pro (Ventura 13.2.1).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Additionally, what I'm experiencing sounds exactly like what was described by desam in this issue except for 1) I'm using a mac, and 2) was not able to change my rendering engine option to "software", and 3) resetting my desktop state did not work.

Update: I was able to open other git-linked projects after restarting RStudio, and the session was responsive. It turned out that I simply needed to move my project to a separate folder. I copied all the hidden files as well, so it was not necessary to delete the .Rproj.user directory as previously suggested. Everything seems to work fine now.

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