Lost the standard Inline output on rmarkdown

I just updated R to version 3.5, then I don't really know what I did that the outputs obtained after I execute a chunk changed. So now the outputs look like the ones in the console, see the before and after examples for the following code.


I tried to look in the R markdown Options but I can't figure out what it can be, or even what to google for help.

Thanks in advance!

Somebody else is also having this problem:

Are you on Windows, too?

I suggested a possibly related topic over in that thread, but I don't know for sure if the issues are the same.

Anyway, as far as what to google, I believe the problem is that the auto-rendering RStudio IDE usually does for some types of R Notebook chunk output isn't happening, so you're getting the plain old console output instead. (And note that the IDE now treats all R Markdown documents as Notebooks unless you tell it not to). You might consider moving this post to the RStudio IDE category, to see if it gets more attention there.

Thanks for your reply.
My problem is like the one described here: Issues with R Markdown/Notebook in R 3.5.0 - Not displaying tibble/df nicely inline.

I will now follow this thread.