''You have to download r before using r studio''

hello so i downloaded r studio and R 4.0.4 and when i open r studio it says you have to download r....but its already installed....What can i do? thank you :slight_smile:

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I'm RStudio, go to 'tools' in the tool bar, then 'global options' and see if you can select the R version you have.

You should also restart you machine; it sometimes helps.

thanks for the answer.tho the problem is that i cant even open R when i try to do so 1rst i choose the R64 Bit
and i press ok and it tells me that r is not installed go to website to download...

Ok, can you uninstall R and reinstall? This time do"not" select 32bi, just 64bit. This causes all kinds of issues. Let's rule that out.

oh i might didnt make you understand.i mean when i open r studio there is the problem...



When you installed R, Did you choose "Save version number in registry"?

Even if you haven't, you can always specify the path to your R executable manually with the "Browse" button.

thanks!!!! i fixed it !!tho i have another problem.how can i upload files from another folder?i can only upload files that are on program files folder

I don't understand what you mean, can you clarify?

alright. image all these are from the ''program files'' folder but i have limited access to that folder so i cant always save a file there and i want another folder. how do i choose another folder to show up here?

That is just a file explorer you can navigate folders just the same as you would do in the Windows File Explorer so I don't understand what is the issue you have selecting the folder you want to use, Can you be a little more specific?

Maybe you actually mean how to set your current working directory? If that is the case I would say, don't do it, it is not considered a good practice, create a project instead, that will automatically set your working directory to wherever your files currently are.

yes but these are only files from one folder i want to open files from another folder that dont appear here and i cant find them

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