R studio not detecting R

It all started when I just want to update Rstudio when I planned to start working on my code. I had R 4.3.0 and RStudio some 2022 version on a Win 11 system, and I decided to update them all.

As I've searched online and there're couple of discussions on why "R does not appear to be installed. please install R before using rstudio", and turned out these guys just forgot to install R.

I've tried the following approaches, but none of them worked.

  1. Restart my computer (LOL)
  2. Uninstall and resinstall R and Rstudio
  3. Try older versions of R and Rstudio
  4. Register R path, my R is at "D:\R-4.3.1"). I did not use the default C disk -- I know, I know, I really regret allocating such small space for my system disk.]
  5. Suggestions similar to this thread ''You have to download r before using r studio'' - #7 by dantolis
  6. Give up saving my disk space in C and installed R in the default C:\xxxx location.

None of these works. I got a lot of work to do, I've got a family of datasets to feed (unfortunately chatgpt plugin/data interpreter cannot help). I'm a bit desperated and would like to seek help here.


I know almost nothing about Windows but can you check that R is working in the Gui or or at command-line?

When starting Rstudio, press the "ctrl" key. This will open a window where you can use the "Browse" button to point to your installation of R.

If that fails, is there a more specific error message? Can you open R.exe directly?

Thanks for the response! Unfortunately I also tried this "pressing ctrl" step, but the RStudio seems do not want me take ctrl of it.

R.exe runs perfectly fine on my machine.

There's one strange thing: RStudio's pop out window suggesting me "R not installed" automatically close after 1-2 seconds. It won't even respond to my submission to it saying ok ok I want to "go there and download R now".

Thank you!

R works on GUI -- I think the problem lays with RStudio not recognizing it, or crashing for some reason (strange, I got a quite good PC)

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