Whats the password for the terminal

What is the password for the terminal? Like when i type sudo apt install htop, it ask for the sudo password. What is it?

Hi @evanlandrenenau ! The password is usually the same password you use when installing programs on your machine. See post here.

But I haven't installed a program yet. Is it the password for my account?

Yes, it should be the password for your account, though your account must have sudo privilege for that command to work.

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Its still not working. I've tried everything. I've tried pass, password, my account password, Rstudio, R, cloud, and studio. None of those worked.

You are using RStudio Cloud service, this is different from using Rstudio Desktop or Server installed in your own infrastructure. In Rstudio Cloud you don't have access to sudo commands in the server itself (this is not a VM service), so it's not going to be possible for you to install htop.


Thank you for the answer.

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