_w_ in shinyapps.io URL

Hi there, can anyone tell me more about the directory being added to the URL of my shinyapps.io app ending in /_w_123456/? Is this a version number?

We have a server side authentication solution that is based on the "clean" URL without that. Any guidance here would be great!

I should add that I'm looking to turn this off - the w param is stripping authentication tokens from the URL

Problem solved, this was an issue from tablerDash (a Shiny implementation of tabler.io), specifically in this init.js file

Hi @benkates , how do you resolved the problem? I am having the same problem with "w" in shinyapps.io but working with shinymobile.

Thanks in advance!

It was a function in the init.js file (inst/tablerDash-0.1.0/init.js). I forked to my own repo and commented out window.history.replaceState.

  if (typeof workerId != "undefined") {
     var pathname = window.location.pathname;
     var newpath = pathname + workerId;
     window.history.replaceState( {} , 'newpath', newpath);

A lot of thanks @benkates for your useful and fast answer , the same js is on shinymobile package:

Best regards!

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