Tab links are broken in shinyMobile after removing worker IDs from URL

I implemented the solution found in this RStudio community's thread to remove the worker IDs that get automatically appended to my shinyMobile app's root URL when deploying to

The solution consisted in commenting out window.history.replaceState( {} , 'newpath', newpath); in the shinyMobile/inst/framework7-5.7.8/my-app.js script. This line precisely.

It worked perfectly, until I discovered that the tab links are somehow still initialized with the worker ID in them, but because of my change, the worker ID is removed upon first click, causing the tab links to become broken. The result is that the user cannot navigate the app anymore! See this screencast:

I tried to locate the script where the tab links are initialized in shinyMobile, but I could not find it.

Any tip here would be greatly appreciated, as I have absolutely no clue how to solve this. I did post to shinyMobile's GitHub, but looking at the other issues, it seems like the author is not very responsive...

Thank you in advance for any help

Well, before saying the author is « not very responsive » please consider that the author has children, a real job which is not open source related and absolutely no time to handle this issue at the moment, even less during these pandemic times. Thanks for respecting this.


Apologies if I offended you @DGranjon , that was not intended. This was a simple observation, not judgment or criticism from me.
It was important to let the community know that I was not posting here for the sake of cross-posting, but because if I post only on shinyMobile's GH repo, the chances that I get an answer are very slim (again, this is just a fact, not criticism).

Cross-posting disclaimer: I also posted my question to Stack Overflow:

IMHO, posting to the GitHub repo is the best way that the maintainer can keep a persistent track of such issues.
Cross posting might be actually counterproductive - and is disencouraged in many venues.

Plus: I have interacted many times with @DGranjon, and saying he is "not very responsive" is simply off target.

See overview for bs4Dash:




The fact he did not pick up recently on some issues might be related a wide spectrum of reasons, some of them listed in David's reply.
Even if sometimes the waiting time might get longer, let's all remember we got many of these goodies for free, thanks to the passion and commitment of many people.
It is 2020 "for everyone", and some categories might suffer of the lack of free time (when many of these developments take place) even more than others.


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