Size and Length in Environment Pane is 0

I noticed an issue recently where some dataframes are displaying in the Environment Pane as having a Length of 0 and a Size of 0 B, even though that is not the actual length, and if I enter length(dataframe) in the console it displays the correct length, and if I enter object.size(dataframe) it displays something other than 0 B.

If I create a dataframe that is the head of the dataframe with this issue it displays as expected in the Environment Pane.

This was able to be reproduced on another computer in the same company. I am using RStudio desktop Version 1.2.1335 on a computer with Windows 7 Professional.

Thanks for any information about this issue.

Thanks for the bug report! Is there any chance you could provide us with a reproducible example?

I'm having exactly the same issue - RStudio Version 1.2.1335

A (minimal) reproducible example is difficult since it's unpredictable when it happens. I'll try to put something together if this issue hasn't been understood yet..

I'm having the same issue. The easiest way to get the error is:

df <- tibble(x = 1:5, y = 1:5, z = letters[1:5])

but I'm experiencing the error when using dplyr::mutate where a formerly "finite" object with a triangle marker "disappears" with no visible marker and size = 0B and length = 0. The object is fine and can be opened with view(object) but not by clicking the object in the Environment tab.

The missing blue disclosure arrow problem was discussed quite a bit over here (despite the topic title, it doesn't turn out to have anything to do with tibble vs data frame, btw):

Drawing from that thread, I'm curious… for people experiencing this problem, what happens if you run .rs.hasAltrep() on one of the objects showing the wrong size and length? Is it always TRUE? (If so, sounds like trying out the recently released Preview version v1.2.1565-5 might help).

Thanks for the quick reply!

.rs.hasAltrep() is TRUE on the objects showing the wrong size and length AND
using the preview version 1265 did the trick: no more size 0 length 0 objects!


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