shiny 1.7.0 stops with error Error in get_quosure: could not find function "get_quosure"

The error I get as soon as I launch shinyapp is:

Error in get_quosure: could not find function "get_quosure"

There is nothing else I have done and only updated a host of apps on my ubuntu server, including shiny app to the latest 1.7.0. This is most likely the reason of breaking the app.

I saw the same question raised here but remained unresolved and closed automatically.

This is a little urgent as a working app in production stopped working.

Any help on this promptly would be highly appreciated. And if I find a work around I will update the post immediately.



UPDATE: I see the root cause was found by @wch and he recommended upgrade in packages bs4Dash and shinydashboardPlus. I suspect that may be the issue with some package authors copying functions statically. Issue #151

UPDATE 2: I have restored the app by downgrading shiny to 1.6.0
See my comments here

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Not a solution but a general advice, for production apps is better to lock the environment and update only after testing. At the very least you should consider using renv for your application and ideally you should use containers.

For those interested:

There is a similar issue with shinydashboard:

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If this is still an issue for anyone, make sure you have the latest version of these packages from CRAN:


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