RStudio start-up problem: unable to initialize the JIT

Dear RStudio team,

a student of mine cannot use RStudio anymore (Windows 10 machine, R 3.5.3, latest RStudio). He reinstalled R and RStudio, but to no avail. R itself runs, RStudio fails to open with the error message "unable to initialize the JIT".

A similar issue can be found at, and there are also related questions at stackoverflow (no link, because new users can only have two links, search for stackoverflow question 53729617, fatal-error-unable-to-initialize-jit-r-3-5-1-and-rstudio-1-4463) and jupyterhub (

Does anyone know a solution to this apparently persistent problem?

Best regards,

As a first step, your student can try resetting RStudio's state:

Is your student running with a 64-bit version of Windows? Note that 32-bit versions of R and Windows are not supported by RStudio v1.2. If that is indeed the case, we would recommend reverting to an older release of RStudio:

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