RStudio launches to "This site can’t be reached".

Dear all,

I downloaded R (3.6.0) and RStudio for Windows 7 SP1, 64bit. R works fine, but if I try to start RStudio I get the following screen:


RStudio tells me: "This site can't be reached. refused to connect."
Also none of the menu bars are cllickable.

I tried to reinstall R and RStudio without an antimalware-program and without an activated firewall, but this did not solve the problem.
Following a search in the web I checked if "localhost" and "" are on the list of approved Hosts and Domains; in Firefox, this is the case.

There was a slightly similar post a year ago, but the Problem was not the same, as it was on Windows 10 and as RStudio was usable if opened directly (Bizarre Behaviour: RStudio launches to "This site can’t be reached" page when opening scripts).

Does anybody have an idea how to fix this problem?
I would be very thankful. I am just starting to get to know R and it certainly would help to be able to use it on my own computer.


I'm on the latest Windows 10 pro - same issue. Tried the installation file, and the zip archive - same thing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

If you hold down the Ctrl key while launching RStudio, you should get a small dialog prompting you to choose an R version. Does this work if you try selecting a different version of R?


I tried it with different Versions of R 3 and I always get the same Result. When I tried it with R 2.15.3, a dialogue appeared which told me, that this version is too old and not compatible with RStudio (the same is true for R 3.0.0).

RStudio v1.2 requires R 3.0.1 or greater. If you need to use an older version of RStudio, you can stick with RStudio v1.1:

I now tried RStudio Desktop 1.1.463 and 1.0.153.
I tried these two versions with different versions of R. But all what I get is a white window, where still none of the menu bars are clickable.

I had the exact problem once I updated to both R 3.6.0 and RStudio 1.2. (Windows 10)

I fixed the startup problem by removing a statement in my .RProfile which set options(error=…). I saw others discussing it on these threads somewhere a couple of weeks ago.

If you read the release notes to the RStudio preview version, it claims to have fixed this error. I have not installed the preview version however to check. But commenting out the options() statement in my .RProfile which sets the error option did work for me

In the file Rprofile I find these two things for otions(error):

options(show.error.messages = TRUE)

options(showErrorCalls = TRUE)

Do you mean these? I removed the part in brackets (each at a time) but it did not change anything.

  1. did you try removing both together? (or just commenting out for when the underlying problem is fixed down the road)

  2. If you have permissions, you could try the preview version of RStudio.

If neither of these help, I don't know what else to do other than trying older versions of R/RStudio, which you are already doing. . But keep in mind this is not the first time this problem has been seen. So if you dig around the posts, RStudio support pages etc, you may find something I have missed.

I did try to remove both together, but this also does not solve the problem.
Anyways: thanks a lot for your help. I will look again if I find a post.

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