Bizarre Behaviour: RStudio launches to "This site can’t be reached" page when opening scripts

Hi everyone,

I am running R (3.5.0) and RStudio (1.2.622) on Windows 10 (10.0.17134 Build 17134) and have come across a weird issue that I'm hoping someone can help me figure out. If I launch RStudio from my Start Menu or a regular shortcut, everything is fine and RStudio launches without issue.

However, if I launch RStudio by opening a .R or a .Rmd file from somewhere on my harddrive, Rstudio looks like this when it launches:

(A "This site can't be reached: refused to connect" error message). None of the menu bars are clickable.

Anyone have any idea what is causing this or how I can fix it? I don't have any custom .Rprofile or anything running at start-up (even the workspace is never restored).

I experienced the same problem today. Rproj-Files are affected, too. Opening Projects from within Rstudio works fine though.

I don't have the problem when using Rstudio 1.1.

Perhaps it coincides with the last windows update?

It's possible! I just noticed another oddity -- my Global setting for default working directory is not being applied. When RStudio launches, instead of using the selected default directory, it sets it to C:/Program Files/RStudio.

I just tested a few different versions of RStudio:
-1.2.622: Has the issue (OP)
-1.2.648: Latest daily: Has the issue
-1.1.446: Latest preview: Does not have the issue

So it looks like it is related from the switch from 1.1 to 1.2...

Thanks for the bug reports! We've noticed a couple similar issues that seem to occur only with the latest builds of Windows 10; we're going to try and get to the bottom of it soon!

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Thanks for looking at it. One more thing, my w10 needs to use .exe of daily build 1.2.650 and install it. Before upto 1.2.625, i could use .zip installerless and run from rstudio.exe << bin << extracted zip. Hoping it will be fixed too.

We've now fixed this issue and have deployed the fix as part of both a patch release for the v1.1 release and the fix is also part of the latest daily builds. If you're still having trouble, please try updating to the latest version of RStudio and let us know if you still have any problems.


It works again! Thanks for your great work!

I'm having the same issue when installed any version after 1.1.
It works OK when I run RStudio as an (local) Admin. However that won't work for me as I won't be able to access network resources or SQL servers.
(It's working fine using version 1.1)

It also happens on macOS Mojave. What should I do? Download a daily build of RStudio?