Rstudio freezes periodically

Dear community,

I'm a novice to R. We are having in the university a course "Introduction to Statistical Programming with R".
As advised I installed R (4.0.2) and RStudio Version 1.3.1093.
I face the same issues as described in this thread Fresh Install keeps freezing a few minutes after startup
Except my OS is Windows 7.
Attempted steps taken to fix

  1. Reinstalled RStudio. In addition, I also tried to run the distributive that doesn't require installation. NO luck.
  2. Tried to switch the Rendering engine. No Luck.
  3. Tried to find the service Chase_Knight mentioned in his post as the resolution. NO luck.
  4. CPU and Physical Memory usage is at ~35%.

I've noticed one thing. It freezes approximately every ~5 minutes for 1 minute.

It is very frustrating because I have plenty of home assignments. I need to try running things in Rstudio constantly.

Please suggest any ideas on how to troubleshoot this issue.

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