RStudio extremely slow if wifi connected

In the last couple of days, RStudio has become suddenly extremely slow to fully non-responsive. Meanwhile, R itself works just fine. I've run through solutions presented in a number of previous threads with no success. The only thing that seems to help is completely disconnecting my laptop from the internet, which isn't particularly useful.

In summary:

  • RStudio takes several minutes to show anything other than the menu bar.
  • Once RStudio finally starts running, it is sometimes still totally unresponsive to me clicking in a particular pane or trying to do anything.
  • I'm using projects on the local drive, and have made sure all of the environment variables are on the local drive as well.
  • It's not just one project. I've checked projects with/without Git. I've reinstalled Git.
  • I have reset RStudio's state and uninstalled RStudio/upgraded to the latest version, but I didn't notice any difference.
  • Windows Defender is fully disabled, and I've set my company's Avast antivirus to "passive" instead of real-time scanning mode. I've also added exceptions in Avast for R and RStudio.
  • If I disconnect wifi, RStudio seems to run and operate normally. If I reconnect wifi after RStudio is open and running in a project, it seems to freeze up again for a while at least. This is true for projects with/without Git.

Any help/suggestions greatly appreciated. This is driving me nuts.

Any chance you are working on a cloud-synced folder? that would explain why it works when off-line.

Nope, no cloud syncing here.

What version of RStudio are you using? Do you have any better (or worse) luck with v1.1 versus v1.2?

Download links:

Do you have a firewall active on your machine, or something similar? If so, does disabling it make a difference?

Do actions that normally require internet access in R complete in a reasonable amount of time? For example, how long does it take to execute:

available.packages(repos = "")

This sometimes happens at my work where (two things, neither might be relevant, but just in case):

  • R packages are saved on a network drive (ie it doesn't matter where the projects are located)
  • zscaler is running (a security related programme)

So if your R packages are on a local drive then see if work will let you briefly turn Avast off entirely and retest?

I'm using 1.2.5001. Not sure what I had before I reinstalled it, but can try 1.1 if this continues. No firewall. Strangely, over the course of the day today, the speed issues seemed to go away, replaced by frequent crashing.

Yes I've experienced the issues with network drives before, so I definitely have my library and projects on the local drive. Pretty sure Avast is not working (Windows keeps yelling at me about it), but not sure it's possible to completely disable.

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