RStudio does not work via VPN

RStudio does not work fine when my machine is connected with the network of my organisation via VPN. It works, but it is so slow that it is not usable. In the office itself I have no problems, but because of the corona situation we are supposed to work from home. It works at home fine if the machine is connected with my home wifi only (so no connection with the network of my organisation via VPN) or if there is no internet connection at all (and I store the datasets locally, what is fine in this case because they are only a few small excel sheets but would not be an option if I had to load the data from the database of my organisation and a VPN would be necessary). My problem seems to be similar like in this post and in the logs I find the same error 10053 but also error 4350 which says the data is not accessible.
I thought that the source would be the firewall of my organisation like it is mentioned in the linked post and tried to apply for the firewall white list but the IT service could not find any IP address of the process 'rsession' or 'rstudio' outwards and thus was not possible to create an exception and recommended to contact RStudio. Any ideas what could be the source of the problem? Thank you in advance!

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