RStudio desktop for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

does anybody have a sense of when RStudio Desktop for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS will be released?

Thank you!

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The version for 18.04 LTS seems to work perfectly fine; I have been using it for the last week or so and no problem (apart from having to compile the spatial stack of GDAL, GEOS and PROJ from source as a price of clean install of 20.04 Ubuntu & 4.0.0 R - but it seemed like a perfect opportunity for some housekeeping).

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thank you @jlacko, that helps

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Yes, the 18.04 (Bionic) version should work fine for most users. We are aware of a couple of bugs for some Focal users with high-DPI displays and are preparing a bugfix release for those users (probably at least a month out as we have a few other fixes to bundle).


I found this to be useful, regarding a display bug Problem in maximizing console/source window in Ubuntu 20.04

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