Problem in maximizing console/source window in Ubuntu 20.04

Hi all,

I've recently installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, R in its latest version and Rstudio ("Double Marigold" (e4a1c219, 2020-04-01)).
Everything seems to work well, both from the Ubuntu and R side, but every time I try to change the size of the console or any other "subwindow", and every time I try to maximize one of them (via menu or anything else), Rstudio become like in the figure:

I have already tried to remove RStudio and re-install again, this time by means of wget, but the problem is still present.

What do you suggest?

Thank you in advance.

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Try changing to software rendering, this will help if you have a compatibility issue with your video driver.


Thank you very much andresrcs

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