Rstudio crashing when trying to save


Hope you're well. I am a new R user and starting to get the hang of it with a few self-directed projects.

I have installed r and r studio. I have done the initial setup of installing packages and downloading libraries. However, when attempting to save my file, R studio crashes. I click the blue floppy disk or select file and save as. My file manager pops up to allow me to select where I want to save. But then it freezes and disappears.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong? I have attached a picture of my current screen as I restart Rstudio.

I am currently working on a Dell XPS 13 with i5.

The following issue may be related:

If you have Dell Backup and Recovery software installed, I would recommend uninstalling it and seeing if that alleviates the issue.

Thanks for the reply. I am using a dell xps 13. I updated the backup and recover software. Still having the same problem. Should I get rid of the software? Would that be too extreme?

Are there other potential reasons for the crash and potential solutions you know of?

Thank you!!

I would recommend uninstalling the software and seeing if that resolves the issue. (If it does not, you should always be able to reinstall it).

Can you also share what version of Dell Backup and Recovery is installed on your machine?

Thanks! I will try uninstalling it tomorrow.

I am not sure of the version. I put a few pictures that may be helpful.



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