RStudio crash with ctree algorithm in party library


The RStudio crashed each time I trained my DecisionTree model with 11 variables and a dataset file size around 2.7M (27,820 records).
I found it related to the algorithm (ctree) in library party. It can only handle around 500 records training dataset without crash. If I trained the ctree decisiontree with more than 1,000 records, it crashed each time.
The code is as below:

apply Decision Tree algorithm

   # this step crash each time with more than 1,000 records
   treeModel = ctree(classVar ~ ., data=DTtrainSet)

Cheers !!!

Training decision trees can be very memory demanding and on Rstudio Cloud there is a 1GB RAM memory limit so I don't think this is currently a viable option for you.

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