Rstudio Cloud on ipad

I know a lot of people feel it is dumb to use an ipad when working in R, but that is how it is for me now. With it should work fine, however there is not possible to scroll in the script box. Not by using touch, and not by using touchpad. This is weird as it is fully possible to do so in the console.

Hope this is something that can be easily fixed!

This is something we are aware of, and our IDE team is tracking and working against:

Could you share which iPad and what version of iOS you are running, in case that information is helpful to the developers?

That is great to hear! Sure, I am using an ipad pro, third generation with ios 13.4.1

Hi, I have the same problem on iPad 7th generation with iPadOS 13.4.1

Scrolling support is what will make me change permanently to an iPad! So I hope it will come soon :slight_smile:

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