iPad - Finger scrolling on source pane not working


I can’t use finger scrolling on the source pane on my iPad. iPadOS 13.5.1, iPad Pro 2018. Curiously I could do that on my Digital Ocean with RStudio Server.

This is the same question from here.

Any suggestion to my case?


RStudio Cloud does not officially support mobile devices at this time.


Thank you for your kind reply @mingb
Nevertheless, the solution is simple RStudio Server 1.3.
When would it be the default on RStudio Cloud?

We're working on upgrading RStudio Cloud to take advantage of RStudio Server 1.3. I do not yet have an date for when that will be ready, but I anticipate it will be sometime this month.

Perfect. Thank you @andy_kipp

@andy_kipp Any good news about when?

Hi there,

We're actively testing RStudio 1.3 on RStudio Cloud this week. I am optimistic it will be available in the next week or so.

Great. Thank you. Good luck.

Thank you @andy_kipp. It works now.

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