RStudio Can't Restart R in any Project with Quarto

Basically echoing the previous post here. Anytime I try and restart R in a project with Quarto files it just spins and hangs. Is it a Windows thing? A shared drive thing? A quarto thing? An RStudio thing? If I had to guess, I'd say it's Quarto since I've used Windows/RStudio/Shared drives for years now without problems.

Hi !

Do you know if a quarto preview process is still open in background when this happens ? Quarto should render as background job or sometime in render pane. It uses preview by default, so rendering will open a process that should be killed when you close, but maybe there is an issue.

Did you try with a daily IDE version to see if this still happen?

If so, I would open an issue in the IDE repo.

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