RStudio-2023.12.1-402 does not find R when open in admin mode

This topic has popped up repeatedly, but no solid solution has been given anywhere, other than downgrading to RStudio-2022.*
I have to run RStudio in admin mode because of workplace restrictions, and when I do that, I get the message that R doesn't appear to be installed (though it definitely is). This issue does not happen when I start RStudio in general mode.
I'd like to use the latest RStudio version, but this makes it impossible.
(Similar issues have been reported here: Rstudio RStudio-2023.03.0-386 refuses to open in administrator mode and here: RStudio IDE not opening on Windows 10 when run as administrator)

I actually recently came across a solution to this issue but forget to update my previous post.

The solution:

Right click the RStudio shortcut > Navigate to the Shortcut Tab > Add --no-sandbox to the end of the Target field so it looks like "C:\Program Files\RStudio\rstudio.exe" --no-sandbox


Then running as administrator should work. It does for me.

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Thank you so much, Jazon!
This absolutely solved my problem! :partying_face:

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