R Shiny 409 Error Preventing Re-Deployment

My deployed Shiny app has been working well for the past few weeks but today I can't get it to change out of the "Sleeping" state. When I visit the link it says "Please Wait" and cycles the loading rectangles endlessly but never loads the app.

When I tried to re-deploy the app from R Studio I got this error:

"Error: HTTP 409
POST https://api.shinyapps.io/v1/applications/4982356/deploy
Unable to dispatch task for application=4982356, there are 1 tasks in progress"

From this post (link: RStudio Cloud 409 error) it seems like this might be an issue I need an R Studio person to help me out with? I'm happy to do whatever I can on my end but I would love some help pointing me in the right direction.


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Same problem here, thanks for posting. The app can also not be archived or restarted via the web portal. @andy_kipp you were able to solve this problem in the past post - can you point us to someone who might be able to help?

Glad it isn't just me! That said, a day or so after I had this problem I checked again and I was able to re-deploy without issue.

I would still like to know if something I did caused it and what I should do next time though just in case.

Thanks for your feedback. It actually resolved after about 12 hours in my case too. Maybe there's some kind of routine killing never ending jobs by now?