R does not launch properly

Hi, I've encountered a problem recently with my R program. I use to open it through Anaconda Navigator, by pressing the "launch" button, but at some point R did not start properly. The Rstudio window pops up and is totally blank, then disappears and opens my document folder, asking to "Download File". I have the choice to choose a file and press save or to cancel, but nothing happens if I just click one random document and press save...
Thank you for your time!

This problem has been reported by two other people:

It's not clear what's causing the problem, but the solution so far has been to uninstall anaconda's RStudio and instead install download and the RStudio IDE directly from RStudio's website. Is there any particular reason you chose to install the RStudio IDE via anaconda?

P.S. I changed the category of this post to RStudio IDE since your problem seems to be more related to the RStudio IDE than to R in general (what's the difference between R and RStudio?)

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