Python version for - deployment problem

I'm new to shiny for python. I have the simplest possible shiny for python app and I wanted to try out deploying it. It works fine locally. I can run it in VS Code and from the command line. I haven't been able to get it to deploy.

(1)The documentation says that only supports python version 3.9.13 and some earlier ones. Is that really correct? I'm currently on 3.11 on Windows. Seems less straightforward to install earlier versions and generally not ideal.

(2) The error message I'm getting when I try to deploy is "Error: Application deployment failed with error: Unhandled Exception: child_task=1417637955 child_task_status=failed: Error building image: Build exited with non-zero status: 1"

Ok, so I managed to get it to deploy. I installed an earlier python version, but that didn't fix it. Then following this earlier post I created a requirements.txt file and deleted the line piwin32==306. Now it has deployed. I'd still be really grateful for any insights anyone can offer on what was going on here! Thanks in advance.

I think this comes up a lot when people generating requirements.txt automatically with `pip freeze rather than writing it manually. If you just include the packages that your app is actually importing from you'll have an easier time deploying it. So my two best practices are:

  1. Always use a virtual environment
  2. Include just the packages that are actually used in your app in the requirements.txt file
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