PyShiny app doesn't render on Connect


I have a demo python shiny app I am trying to deploy to Connect from a github repository. The App gets deployed but it is not rendered properly.

This is the manifest:

  "version": 1,
  "locale": "en_US.UTF-8",
  "metadata": {
    "appmode": "python-shiny",
    "entrypoint": "app"
  "python": {
    "version": "3.11.5",
    "package_manager": {
      "name": "pip",
      "version": "23.2.1",
      "package_file": "requirements.txt"
  "files": {
    "requirements.txt": {
      "checksum": "8da70a035046b0ce81ba228f4975cf54"
    ".gitignore": {
      "checksum": "15b8e24e3c893c0198bc78414fa9fbca"
    "": {
      "checksum": "472e35ce0840f4bc608fd967e7a1869e"
    "penguins.csv": {
      "checksum": "15d47d23d10f2f2f842439a2abdb771d"
    "": {
      "checksum": "9e64655dfa945c561367da98de358709"

This is how it looks on connect:

This is the network log from the browser:

It looks like it is not able to find/load jquery.

I have, however, other content on the connect server that runs without issues, but it's R Shiny apps, and other R content. So this is a first python deployment. The app renders correctly when run locally.

Any tips would be appreciated.

The solution to this is to include fastapi==0.108.0 in the requirements.txt and I learned this by asking on the shiny discord. :slightly_smiling_face:

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