posit connect and pins permissions

This is sort of a follow up on this post: PyShiny app doesn't render on Connect - #2 by novica

after the update to Posit connect to 2024.4.1 to resolve the fast api bug, the same app crashed with

Unexpected error while running Python API: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/opt/rstudio-connect/.cache'

I tracked this to the pins not being able to cache on the given path and then I resolved this by adding the PINS_CACHE_DIR in the connect dashboard.

Some questions:

Why did this happen after a connect update, this didn't show up as an issue in 2023.x version. Is it a bug maybe?

What dangers I am looking at if I simply don't use a cache dir i.e. setting the variable to None? Would I see slowing down for pins of larger datasets?

Is the cache updated every time a new version of the pin uploaded?

Is it possible also to set this variable on server-wide on Connect, instead of having it per deployed resource?

It seems there is a different behavior between pins in python where cache is assumed on some path, and things break if the path is not available and the R version where stuff run without issues?