Problems deploying Shiny for Python app to

Hi fam,

I am relatively new to Shiny. I have been learning Shiny for Python for the past couple of months. I developed an app that works well locally.

I am now trying to deploy the app to I successfully added the secret key using reconnect, but when I deploy it, I run into an error. In particular, I encounter the following error in the "making bundle" stage.

(.venv) niccolo@Niccolos-MBP shiny_dashboard % rsconnect deploy shiny ./ --name psitech --title my-dashboard
Validating server...    [OK]
Validating app mode...  [OK]
Making bundle ...       [OK]
Deploying bundle ...    [ERROR]: reported an error (calling /v1/applications/10875551): Not Found
Error: reported an error (calling /v1/applications/10875551): Not Found

My main folder is shiny_dashboard and it contains:

pycache (folder)
.venv (folder)
.vscode (folder)
data (folder)
rsconnect-python (folder)
.www (folder)

Any tips?

Similar problem here,

Unhandled Exception: Child Task 1373260576 failed: Error building image: Build exited with non-zero status: 127

I wrote to support, I believe it's on their side.

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