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I typed up a post earlier on some difficulties I was having viewing the error messages within shiny server. Separately, I've been working on a vpn this morning too.

When I submitted my post I got a notification that it's pending approval. I read this post about others that experienced this. I went to reply to one of the commenters to ask if someone could take a look.

I realize I only tried to submit this within the past hour but I'm more worried it's gone into a black hole somewhere... could someone check (and approve, pretty please).

Most likely your post wast put into a hold because it contains things that could be considered as personally identifiable information like IP addresses or phone numbers, these flags have to be cleared by a forum admin, there are not much of them so you are going to have to wait a little bit (usually not more than a day).

It can take a bit to clear. The moderators are spread among several time zones and I don't think there's round-the-clock coverage.

My experience is that the moderation balloon goes up almost immediately, meaning that content is bot-screened and you shouldn't feel bad about anything else other than tripping over an unseen obstacle.

Someone approved it soon after, thanks all and appreciate the need for auto screening posts for PII

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