Notification:Your post is pending


I've noted something strange today.

I was answering to this question. After I finished my answer and clicked the Reply button, a notification popped out saying that it needs to be approved by moderators before it's published.

I got confused and tried once again, and the same thing happened. It duly notified me that I have two posts pending and requested me to be patient.

Is this happening only with me?


(I forgot to take the screenshot, so can't share it.)

It's happened to me, too.

It's probably Discourse being too sensitive in its spam detection.

This is a know issue, discourse identifies ip addresses as "personal information" and auto flags the post.


That explains it. My post is pending now.

I have approved all of your posts. As @andresrcs stated, discourse is weird about IP addresses (As is should be)


I was wondering why nobody had answer that question... so I did.. and got moderated.

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