Pipe operator (%>%) not working and text in editor not selectable

I recently had two problems apprearing at the same time in RStudio 2023.3.0.386:

1. Pipe operator %>% stopped working with ctrl shift M. (Actually only the source editor is affected, ctrl shift M works in the console).

2. Text in the source editor is not selectable by mouse, only by the

I did not assign the shortcut ctrl shift M to another function. Nor did I install any new software recently.
I checked several sources regarding dfunctive pipe shortcut and I checked all programs that possibly share the same shortkey:

  1. ctrl + shift + m (pipe operator) shortcut is suddenly stop working since this morning. - #14 by Jared_Savage

  2. tidyverse - RStudio pipe operator (%>%) shortcut (CTRL+SHIFT+M) not working in Edge browser - Stack Overflow

  3. r - Rstudio pipe operator (%>%) shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+M) not working - Stack Overflow

  4. https://defkey.com/what-means/shift-command-m (this list is very helpful!)

I also tried to reset the desktop state regarding the non selectable text, but the problem persists:

  1. Cannot select text in Rstudio desktop

I know that I could just change the keyboard shortcut, but I am very, very used to this one.

How could I further debug these two problems?

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