Nb.html file generated by R notebook does not include graphs

I opened RStudio and created R Notebook. It contained the default content automatically generated and contained one graph obtained from plot(cars). Then I clicked Knit to HTML.

The yml changed from

title: "R Notebook"
output: html_notebook


title: "R Notebook"
    df_print: paged

In the folder where the code was located, two files were generated, .html and .nb.html.
.html contained the plot, but .nb.html does not contain the plot.

I pasted the <img src="data:image/ from the source code of .nb.html to an empty html file. The graph appeared.

Could anyone know why this happened and how to show graphs in .nb.html? Thank you.

I find the answer. All plots should be executed manually in RStudio first, then knitted to HTML.

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