My code is gone!

I am pretty new to Rstudio. I have been working on a case study for about a week. I completed it yesterday, but when I logged in to RStudio everything was gone! Is there a way to get it back or will I have to restart everything?
Case Study

Thanks in advance!

I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with your RStudio Cloud projects. Can you describe (or provide a screenshot) of what you see when you log in to RStudio Cloud and what you expected to see? Projects won't disappear unless they are put into the Trash, so I suspect something else might be going on.

I checked our system for the project you provided a link to and I can tell you it has not been deleted. I would double-check that you're logging in using the same email address as you were previously, and also double-check that you're looking in the correct Space.

Thank you for looking into this! I was expecting to see the code and steps that produced the graphs attached. I logged in on a different computer this morning and I was able to see everything I did. The session timed out. When I "woke up" rstudio, the screen was completely white with the R version bird hippie intro.

I recently uploaded some of my data again, but I did not clear the console.
I really appreciate your help!

Sorry, code to create a graph like this.

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