Mojave Dark: A Total IDE Dark RStudio Theme for Apple Lovers

A while ago I made a total-IDE dark RStudio theme that I want to share with y'all. By total-IDE, I mean it changes not only the main window but all RStudio's dialog boxes, commit panes, etc. The theme was inspired by MacOS's dark mode. The installation process is really, really easy (<1 min). Here's a link to the GitHub page if you're interested GitHub - patrickshox/Mojave-Dark-RStudio-Theme: A Total-IDE Dark RStudio Theme inspired by Apple's dark aestheticcc.
Please star :star: the repo if you enjoy the theme :slight_smile:.


Great work. Installation was easy and it looks great. Love the dynamic hover functionality for the Plots and Viewer panes.

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Hi, thanks for sharing that!
The pictures look beautiful - I have a few quick questions pre installation, though:

  • Does it work with Catalina as well?
  • Did you test it with any recent night built versions of RStudio? I'm currently using 3.526
  • Can I switch back and forth between that and other themes just like with any other theme?

Thanks again for sharing that! I love dark mode :slight_smile:

Yes! No. And yes. I just named it Mojave Dark because it was inspired by the MacOS dark mode which first was implemented in MacOS Mojave. I don’t use nightly builds so I wouldn’t know how to test the theme with them. And it adds it just like it would any other theme, as if you had installed it using the Add Theme button.

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