Does anyone know how to update the appearance of that theme?

Hey everyone,

I really love the theme mentioned here. However, Since it's quite old it's not fully compatible anymore since some menus (esp. the update window or the global options) now shows white font on white background, which is a bit annoying. I tried to contact the author and also tried some other resources, but I couldn't find an answer yet. Does anyone know, how to solve this issue?



You should be able to fork the repo posted here, and then make any updates that are needed. Then run this updating the yourUserWithFork part:

rstudioapi::addTheme(“”, apply=TRUE, force=TRUE)

Forking the repo is not really the problem. The problem is more, that I don’t find/know the options to change window appearance in the rstheme file.

Right! And just to be sure, you did check this part:

In RStudio Preferences > Appearance, set the theme to Modern or Sky. Currently, Mojave Dark doesn't work when the RStudio theme is set to Classic.

Beyond that, you could try right clicking an element and inspect it:

then update the styles directly:

Then add it to the rstheme file when you get it how you'd like it.

Ahh, thanks for that :). Think I need to spend some more time on that. html really isn't something I can read easily :).

Just one quick question: What happens with changes I do directly in the inspection window. I changed some colors to test it. Will anything I do there be saved? Because after closing, It just went back to as it was before (which is good)? Or is this just to try stuff out and it's nothing really saved there?

That window will only let you test. If you need help with the selectors, you can right click an element like the div and copy the selector. Will probably be brittle that way, but will be unique and work until you update.

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