Minimum package versions required by RStudio

Many key features of the GUI (like the knit button, running shiny apps, etc) depend on packages like rmarkdown, shiny, packrat, and devtools just to name a few. Sometimes I will be prompted that an updated version of one of these packages is required (:desktop_computer: below) , and if I agree then the package is installed in my home directory library location for R packages. Is there a list or other site available that lists what the minimum required versions of these supporting packages? In our production environment for R we have a specific snapshot of CRAN with certain versions of packages installed in our default library, so it would be good to have this information as we upgrade RStudio to the latest release.


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Sure, here you go. This is for RStudio 1.1.383.

Package     Version
----------- ---------
PKI         0.1
R6          2.0
RCurl       1.95
RJDBC       0.2-5
RJSONIO     1.0
RODBC       1.3-12
Rcpp        0.11.5
base64enc   0.1-3
bitops      1.0-6
caTools     1.14
digest      0.6
evaluate    0.8
haven       0.2.0
highr       0.3
htmltools   0.3.5
htmlwidgets 0.6
httpuv      1.3.3
jsonlite    0.9.19
knitr       1.14
markdown    0.7
mime        0.3
miniUI      0.1.1
mongolite   0.8
packrat     0.4.8-1
profvis     0.3.2
rJava       0.4-15
readr       0.2.2
readxl      0.1.0
rmarkdown   1.6
rprojroot   1.0
rsconnect   0.8.5
rstudioapi  0.5
shiny       1.0
sourcetools 0.1.5
stringr     0.6
xml2        0.1.2
xtable      1.7
yaml        2.1.5

Thanks so much @jonathan! I'll pass this along to our team as we prepare our upgrade. Just curious is this will stored somewhere online in the future?

Not yet. I made it just for you! We'll try to find a good home for it online.

I could get used to this real-time support :smile: Hopefully you'll be at rstudio::conf() and we can catch up again, there are tons of nuggests in this latest release and I've only scratched the surface.

@jonathan, I might have missed it, but is this now included in the release notes or somewhere? For us using packrat for stability in a production environment, this would be very helpful so we can start migrating to the latest packages before installing the updated IDE.

Currently testing RStudio Pro Version 1.2.1335-1

It is now part of the admin guide. You can read the package requirements here.