Meetup: Making the Shift from Excel to R: Perspectives from the back-office

On Tuesday, March 30th at 12 ET, we gathered for a community meetup on "Making the shift from excel to R: perspectives from the back-office" presented by Mandip Mistry.

You can join the group here for future events: Posit Enterprise Community Meetup | Meetup

I've included the link to the recording here: Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing - Zoom
Passcode: 6oMh=3EQ

Feel free to use this thread to ask any follow-up questions too! I will gather the questions from the session to post them here as well.

The back-office of financial institutions is the glue that keeps it all together. Back-office workflows involve trade processing, trade confirmation, and settlement of payments. In many institutions, much of this work is done manually using excel spreadsheets. This presentation will focus on how someone in the back-office can use R to automate manual processes and how they might convince others on their team to join the journey.

Mandip Mistry is a Business Analyst at the Health Care of Ontario Pension Plan. In his role, he is responsible for enhancements and ongoing support of HOOPP's internal stress testing system which provides risk reporting to a variety of stakeholders within the organization. Before this, he spent 5 years in Investment Operations (aka back-office) helping automate manual excel processes while developing a healthy obsession for all things R. Mandip is also a certified tidyverse instructor currently working with back and middle office staff who have fallen out of love with Excel.


Here's some of the Questions and Answers from the Meetup

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Long overdue but better late than never - you can see the slides from the presentation here


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