Manually stop project hours from accumulating when not working?

I've noticed that even after I have closed all of my RStudio tabs, my project hours still seem to increase from the point where they were when I exited.

In one of the discussions here on the community, I found:

"One more note on usage charges - we currently suspend the R session after 15 minutes of inactivity - and then suspend the container 15 minutes after that. We currently charge the entire 30 minutes as usage against your account. However, we are in the process of updating the code so that you will not be charged for the 15 minutes while the R session is suspended."

Is there a way to manually stop the clock on RStudio Cloud counting project hours? My students are just learning the basics of RStudio and I anticipate that they should be able to complete all of their work in the 15 project hours per month on a free account. However, if they are being docked an additional 30 minutes of time each time they open a project in RStudio Cloud (or even 15 when this code gets updated), that extra time could easily push them up to the limit. My students will not be running complicated code that will need to continue to compute after they close out of the RStudio tab. Are there alternatives or workarounds you could recommend so my students will be able to make the most of their project hours? Is there a button to click to tell RStudio Cloud I'm done working on this project for now or does logging out of the site accomplish this?

Thank you.

Bryan Henning
R. L. Turner High School

Hi Bryan,

You are correct that projects do remain running after you close the tab. Previously this was for 30 minutes, which ended up being attributed as usage on the account. However, we have made the change mentioned, whereby this has been reduced to 15 minutes.

We currently do not have a way to manually stop a project from running after the tab has been closed. That said, we understand that for folks, this extra 15 minutes of usage is a problem. We're actively researching different solutions to this, including introducing a button as you suggested. Alternatively, we're investigating if it's possible to detect that a tab has been closed and immediately stop the project (assumuing nothing is be executed). I would be curious to hear if either of these options is more appealing to you.



One other thing I wanted to mention: We are aware that the extra 15 minutes is a problem for folks, and are actively looking for ways to address the problem. In the meanwhile, we have relaxed our limit a bit and you can rest assured that your students will be able to get at least 15 hours of actual usage time.


Thanks Andy. I appreciate your help. If you can find a solution where you can know right away when the browser tab is closed, that would be awesome, but even just a button to manually stop the project would be great.

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Absolutely +1 on this, I have seen issues with projects staying running long after people have stopped using them. This might be them leaving browser windows open etc, but if I'm getting charged by the project hour there needs to be a way for me to shut that down.

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