Managing server storage for large pins

The users of our Rstudio Connect server have started using the "pins" package to store data using Rstudio Connect as the board. Some pins are several GB in size and Connect is keeping each version of the pin. This is quickly using up the server storage space with unused data. Are there any content settings or options in the pins package that ensure that only the latest content version is kept?

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Hi @jcoronel25 while I'll wait for someone else to chime in on this with greater understanding of the server considerations, I would recommend giving this article a read.

Howdy! I wish I would have caught this sooner, as I have recently experienced a similar issue!

It's worth noting that the client / pins user can solve this problem by setting version = FALSE when they register their rsconnect board. Please note that this is a board-wide setting, so you need to deregister / re-register if/when you want to change the setting. We are doing some work to make this easier to find / more clear / pin-specific, and will hopefully have that as an improvement in the future!

In the meantime, it is worth noting that version = FALSE will make pins:

  • pin the new version
  • if successful, delete all old versions
  • as a result, only one version of the pin is persisted on Connect long-term
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