Deleting pins over time in RStudio Connect

I wrote a small R script that pulls a data set every three hours from a server. It isn't a very exciting data set, it is just some server log data. Every three hours, I pull the new data, append it to the data set and if I have more than N number of rows in the data, I truncate the data, and then save it.

All of that is working well. What I cannot figure out is how to NOT save the full history of this data. There are earlier questions here about this exact same topic, but nobody commented on any of them, so I'm going to ask again.


Every three hours, I create a new pin, but I would like to only keep the last 10 or so, just in case something goes wrong, and drop the others. When I open the history of the pin, this is what I see:

It isn't a problem right now, but eventually I see this becoming an issue. Is there a best practice to solve this?

I was told that on the current version of RSConnect a publisher is not able to avoid creating history unless they delete the content beforehand. However, deleting a pin and recreating it under the same name will change the URL of your content.
Server admins are able to configure RSC to only keep a specific number of history for all published content for all users.
Hopefully, in future releases, a feature is added that allows a publisher to choose how much history to save by amount or by date such a keep anything in the last 30 days.

Do you have a link to the RSC documentation for the server admin config? While I would prefer a publisher-level solution, setting up something system-wide would help me prevent long-term problems.

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