Looking for an R Shiny Developer for contract work

Good Day,

We're a start up and we've got a data analytics intern who is using R Studio in her class work. She mentioned that she could output the code to Shiny to generate a web enabled graph that would be interactive.

How would I go about finding an experience Shiny developer that can build a polished application? The intent is to take Covid infection data and display it on a localized basis to enable at-risk seniors to better assess their actions in real time.

We'll supply the data, I just need a good looking application. Initially it will pretty basic, but I think that the sophistication will grow over time. Additional Shiny apps including cartography could be developed.

Thanks for any direction, Marty

Hi, could you post contract position like this under the gigs section. Happy to help circulate that among shiny developers.

Thank you for the pointers to the Jobs and Gigs section. <> Just figured out how to post in Jobs and Gigs.

Thanks, Marty

Feel free to delete this post to avoid clutter. My apologies for posting incorrectly.

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