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The Jobs & Gigs Board seeks to match Data Scientists with great R & RStudio skills with the people who need them.


  1. Check Your RStudio Community Settings: Your post will be attached to your RStudio Community profile. Please ensure your account preferences are set to send email notifications for replies and messages (starting from your user profile → :gear: Preferences → Emails).

  2. Follow the appropriate link to either the Jobs or Gigs posting submission form.

  3. Fill out the form to begin the process:

    • Job/Gig Title and Institution: What you enter in these fields will appear in the post’s title.

    • Is this a paid position?

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    • Period: For jobs, choose from: full-time, part-time, short-term/fixed-term, freelance/project-based. For gigs, give an estimate of how long the work is expected to take.

    • Description: Provide a link to the full job or gig description, or paste your description directly in the text box (simple markdown formatting permitted).

    • Instructions to apply: Explain how you prefer applicants to contact you (email, Community direct message, etc) or provide a link to application instructions.

  4. Your post will be manually reviewed before it goes live.

Job Postings

  • Jobs should generally be for paid work only.
  • Jobs are widely advertised on the site for a month.
  • Short-term freelance positions will likely be reclassified as a gig.
  • Post your Job here.

Gig Postings

  • Gigs are assumed to be short-term positions only. No full-time work.
  • Gigs may be paid or unpaid.
  • Gigs are widely advertised on the site for a month.
  • Post your gig here.

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