Issues starting a second server instance

Hi all,

I currently am running R shiny apps using under the basic plan. A basic plan is allowed up to 3 instances and I have two questions:

  1. Will each instance be allowed 8gb of RAM or is the memory shared amongst the 3 instances?

  2. How can a second instance be initiated? I am unable to start a second instance despite having the basic plan. In the simplest scenario where I've tried to force multiple instances, I have set the following parameters:
    Max worker processes: 2
    Max connections: 1
    Instance load factor: 100%

The app works fine with two users but a third user (or more) gets a 503 error. This suggests to me that another instance is not firing up even though I would expect it to. It cannot handle a 3rd user, whether the memory usage is low or high, I've tried both.

Any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated!

After discussing with the Shiny team, I had to:

  1. Make sure another instance is available for that app (in the app overview tab)
  2. Lower Instance load factor to 5%
  3. Set the start count to 1

Hello @coreag.

I am having a similar issue as the one you had. Would you mind giving me some pointers on this questions? application order of events