application order of events

Let me start by saying that my actuarial department made of 6 people just payed for the Standard plan that has 8GB of RAM per Instance.

We deployed two ShinyApps that uses about 5 GB of RAM since they rely mostly on calculations and graphs.

I have read several times the article Scaling and Performance Tuning with found on this link :

It explains about Instances, Workers and End Users.

I code in R, but I am not a computer scientist so I have not yet understood completely the role of the Workers and the order of events of how operates when one App will be used simultaneously by several users.

I have the following 2 questions.

Question 1 :

Under the following scenario, with :

  • Maximum number of workers per Application Instance = 2
  • Maximum number of connections per worker = 3

Is the logic of the Instance of first come, first served , disregarding on what Worker ,whether is worker 1 or 2, the request comes from?

Question 2

Can you please provide a metaphor to what a worker does? I Understand that the Instance is the RAM and the CPU, and that the End User is the person who is using the app. I basically don't understand what is the purpose of the Worker

PS: Sorry if I don't make my questions more clear, it's just that I am not yet to sure on how this works, for example if you purchase Microsoft Word or Zoom you know it is for a specific amount of users. In this case I am not so sure, and wouldn't like the Shiny apps I worked on to lag or worse, to crash due to a lack of RAM.

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