Is there a plugin to view Jupyter notebooks (`.ipynb`)?

I am collaborating on a project where some of the other data scientists like to create Jupyter notebooks. I'm an R/RStudio man, myself but I ave to use VSCode on this project because it renders notebooks nicely in the editor. Is there a plugin for RStudio that will format .ipynb files the way that Jupyter Notebooks does, allowing me to at least read the notebooks in RStudio?

I am not interested in the drama that would ensue from converting the .ipynb files to Quarto.

You could try rsconnect-jupyter or rsconnect-python. The link is Jupyter Notebook - RStudio Connect: User Guide.

Thanks, I was not aware of those!
As I understand it, rsconnect-jupyter is a plugin for Jupyter Notebooks that will allow Notebooks to publish to Posit Connect. That's kind of cool, but I think that I am asking for something different: a plugin to RStudio so that when I open a .ipynb file in the RStudio editor panel, the text is rendered like a notebook rather than showing the raw markup. Basically, a plugin that can render text in the editor to look like this:

Rather than like this (which is how RStudio currently renders Jupyter markup):

   "cell_type": "code",
   "execution_count": 88,
   "metadata": {},
   "outputs": [],
   "source": [
    "credentials = json.load(open(\"../credentials.json\"))\n",
    "conn = psycopg2.connect(**credentials)\n",
    "mod_cx = load_modality_cx(\"./\")[\"MR\"]"
   "attachments": {},
   "cell_type": "markdown",
   "metadata": {},
   "source": [
    "### Data Setup\n",
    "Want two dataframes, one with the classification results and one with all the features from the headers that are used\n",
    "| Column           | dtype  | Description |\n",
    "| file_record_id   | string | file_record_id from directly from 'file_record' and 'file' tables of the database\n",

It seems like maybe no such plugin exists(?), perhaps because Quarto and Jupyter are direct competitors... I dunno.

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